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Here I am.

It’s nap time at our house.  Dinner is made, my accounting work is done, the laundry is not…neither are the dishes.

However, I do have a new blog:  “Where life happens”

This will be my creative space/online journal/digital scrapbook (since I never get the pictures printed) to document our home improvement projects, children, and my thoughts.  I like to write.  I like to make my house pretty.  I like to cook.  I like to have fun with my little kids (I have three).  I do accounting and some property management work from my home…but I probably won’t write much about it, unless there is space I’m showing (art studios for rent, anyone?).

My most recent projects include the following:

Bunny Birthday Party: baby girl party for 30 people with food, decorations, and gift (<$125)

Office Makeover: new furniture, paint, organizing, and beautifying (<$50)

Master Bedroom Update: new paint, new window treatments, new molding, moved furnishings from other rooms (~$200)

Little Girl’s Room Makeover: new shelves and table, painted mural, rearranged furniture, craft project (~$200)

Kitchen Update: new storage, chalkboard, backsplash (~$150)

Stampin’ Up: my ongoing creative outlet turn stationery project that includes Stampin’ Up products and dollar bin items from Michael’s ($accumulating!)

I will link to these projects when I take pictures/clean up/ figure out how to link.

My two year-old is rolling on the floor saying he wants water (over and over), so my first blog post will be a short one.  See you next time.


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