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Working from home…but not at home

I’m writing this from Panera. This is one of the beautiful things about having a home office. If you have a laptop with wi-fi and all your work in a portable form, you can pick up your office and park yourself at Starbucks or Panera and let someone else make the coffee.

I love my home office. It’s my perfectly organized, personally decorated, quiet place where I can get my stuff done….but sometimes I want to be out.

I like the hum of the people talking around me and the refills of hot coffee or a freshly baked bagel. I can’t get that at home. (Well, I suppose I could but I would be spending more time grinding beans, boiling water, and baking—instead of working!) I also like the people-watching (or glancing, as it were). It’s sometimes lonely at my house while the older two are at preschool and the baby is napping.

For example, there is a kid (about 19 years old) with his little sister (about 5 years old) in here sharing lemonade and bread. It’s such a personal reminder of me and my brother. We have a 14 year age difference, but he was so involved in my growing up that the age difference did not prevent us from having a great relationship. He used to take me to 7-11 and get slurpees, or take me to the beach. We went to water parks and rode on roller coasters and went to the fair. Growing up with him around was so fun.

This is an aside and not really about working from home…but if I hadn’t come to Panera this morning to work, I would have missed that memory trigger. I wouldn’t have thought about my childhood or the fun that my brother and I had together. I’m still thinking about utility costs and the water leak that we had at a building over the weekend. I’m still paying bills and posting rent payments. But….I’ve added something enjoyable to my workday: the hot coffee refills, the freshly baked bagel, the little girl and her big brother.

Tomorrow I’ll be working from my real home office: washing loads of laundry while I talk to software tech support, fetching snacks and juice boxes between print cycles of month-end financial statements. I like those days a lot, too.


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  1. Love this. 🙂 I will definitely keep checking back.


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