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We live in San Diego on a teeny-tiny, postage-stamp-sized lot in a good neighborhood that is near our parents and we have THE BEST neighbors. There is a vacant lot north of our house, so our lot doesn’t seem so small….and it’s kind of a nice view when the grass (weeds) is green. It is a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home with an office, master suite, and huge deck (since we have no flat yard). We custom (hand-)built our house in 2008 when I was pregnant with our 2nd child.

This house is perfect for a family of four…but as a family of five, we are kind of busting at the seams. We have considered moving to a bigger house. However, the prospect of moving and having to make necessary repairs to a bigger home (which would have to be older to fall into our price range) is pretty much a deal breaker for me. So, we mutually agreed to make our current (smallish) home as functional for our family as possible AND I get to decorate….like for real decorate….not just wait and see if we move into a different house and then I really get my hands dirty. Nope, NOW.  So, I’ve flipped through magazines, scoured the internet, and examined almost every space in our house to see what kind of modifications we can make that are DIY projects (or ones that my live-in handyman can do), that fall within our modest budget, and don’t require months of disorder in our home.

Today I will start with our kitchen. We built our kitchen when I was 8 months pregnant in July 2008 with Ikea cabinets. We used the white Stat line with the beadboard door fronts and have really enjoyed the functionality and flow of our kitchen. All of our appliances are stainless steel and we did a custom granite tile counter top from The following are some exampes of the current kitchen (not actual…my old iPhone that has the pictures on it is dead and I’m too lazy to go plug it in):

We plan to put lights above the bar
Add a crushed glass tile backsplash
Paint a framed chalkboard next to the wall cabinets

And beautify the pantry!
To be continued…………………………

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  1. I had to laugh at some of your comments, especially about the grass! We have briefly considered moving, and when I say brief I mean that I start a sentence about possibly wanting a larger house with a yard and Greg doesn’t let me finish my sentence. Too much blood, sweat, (and tears on my part) went into building our house. One thing for sure, I love how everything is no new and any money that we put into the house goes to decorating and improvements….not fixing!

    • The new part is definitely a huge reason to stay put. (and you guys, of course!) I’m really excited at how things are coming together over here. I’m almost done with the girls’ room and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out so far. Speaking of the “grass”, CalTrans is out today cutting weeds on both sides of the street!

  2. Aww are you really doing the glass tiles I picked? I’m SOOO jealous! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂

    • I think so….we bought 15 tile samples and that’s the one that we thought looked best with the granite, etc. You can put it in your next house and then you’ll really be able to enjoy it!

  3. Hi, chica! I had never thought about beautifying the pantry, but after seeing that photo, I most certainly will do so (once we get a house, of course…)!

  4. Your house is looking very pulled together and lovely now, Haley. And, your writing is excellent.


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