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S’mores Snack Mix II


Hey! I took a picture!

1/2 bag Golden Grahams Cereal
1/2 large bag mini marshmallows (divided in half)
1/2 bag (or 6 oz.) chocolate chips (divided in half)
2 T unsalted butter or margarine
Nonstick spray (not olive oil!)

1. Melt 1/2 of marshmallows, 1/2 of chocolate, all of the butter in a large bowl in the microwave for about a minute, stirring every 20-30 seconds. (hint: spray bowl, hands, and spoon when messing with this SUPER sticky stuff)
2. Spray a cookie sheet or rectangular baking dish with cooking spray and spread out remaining marshmallows, chocolate chips, and all of the cereal.
3. Drizzle melted mixture over cereal and toss to coat. It is VERY sticky, so don’t wear anything important when you make this.
4. Press into the pan and spread it out so that when it hardens, it’s relatively easy to break apart. Store in an airtight container (or leave out on your counter for ten minutes and then you won’t have to bother with said container!).


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  1. So glad to have found your blog! Spotted your smores recipe on Tipnut. Browsing online for some camping ideas and found a fellow Proverbs 31 Woman! YA 🙂


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