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Great decorating news….like THE best!!!!

I was asking my dad today if he knew where to find barn door hardware (and thinking he’d roll his eyes at another one of my harebrained ideas), and he said that he did know and wanted more details on my plan.  Sounding as non-chalant about the whole thing as possible, I explained that while I like our master suite with the cased-in doorframe between the bedroom and bathroom, but we are lacking a little privacy and some art on that side of the room.  I said that I’d like to use track and roller hardware to hang some distressed/weathered wood or a crisp white door that matches the ones in the rest of our house.  He told me that the little garage he is renting across the alley from his house has an extra weathered wood barn door with hardware that I can have….FOR FREE!!!!!  (*squeal*)  I haven’t looked at it yet, but that was just about the best piece of news I have gotten since wanting to redecorate our whole house.  I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it).  Yes, you can all call me a dork now.  Here are some pictures of interior barn door inspiration so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about:


 Barn Door Love



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  1. These are great! I just styled a house with a hanging barn door. I’ll show you when you
    come to visit.

  2. oooh LOVE!!! Where do you get your decorating ideas?

    • Well…the barn door idea came when I was flipping through magazines, looking for a solution to our laundry room issue. I found one that was an old factory door someone painted with green chalkboard paint and hung in their kitchen as a pantry door (that was about 2+ years ago). Most recently, I was thinking it would be a more attractive way to add privacy to our bathroom and without the mess of installing a pocket door. I found the bottom photo in Cottage Living magazine, did some google searches, and checked in on Many of my ideas about that way: problem in need of solution->magazine->Google->Pinterest. I have a list of links down the right side of the page that show some of my favorite sites that you can check out, too.

  3. I really like this. The first photo really defines the idea since the bathroom behind the door has many features we already have. Good find on the free stuff. Lets get started on it later this month.

  4. What a great idea!!!

  5. Love it! I’ve seen that idea once before and thought it was great. Wish I could see the house Cheri did.


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