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I’m home!

I have been on an eleven-day whirlwind tour of Texas and Oklahoma and just arrived home late last night.

I slept like a baby in my own bed and woke up to a shower in my own house with full-size bottles of shampoo and moisturizer….not struggling to squeeze out the last tiny bit from those travel-size toiletry bottles.

I made pancakes for my frantically hungry little people.

I had coffee: lovely, freshly ground, vanilla nut flavored, brewed in the french press, with half-n-half and sugar in the giant Crate and Barrel coffee cups I adore.

I’ve cut the sugar snap peas, corn, and lone strawberry that were ready in the garden…along with the necessary weeding, pruning, and re-planting.

AND I did all of it before 9:30 (that’s the time change adjustment, I guess).

 I’ve still got to restock the fridge and do some laundry, but I’m looking forward to a date tonight (no kids!!!!!  :D) and a calm evening before heading into the work week.

I’ll be working on catching up on my work over the next few days, but stay tuned because I am very excited about an upcoming post the will be titled “Cottage Envy”….and you’ll all see why very soon.

Off to the launderette!


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