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The Living Room: Idea Book

Our living room is the hub of our home.  It’s also tiny.  For five people…..microscopic.  It has a direct-vent gas fireplace built-in to the corner of the room with a granite tile “bench”, a fairly large window, and a blank wall (blank because I am never satisfied with the art I pick for it) where the couch sits.

We picked out furniture which, on paper and by technical measurements, fit.  However, when we actually set it up in the room, we quickly found that it was way too big.  We have rearranged the furniture in every way possible, but I just can’t seem to make it work with any style.  We have decided to spend a lot of energy making the living room work by:

  •  selling our 3-piece leather furniture and buying a sectional
  • moving the fireplace to the center of the wall so that we gain a little more space in the corner
  • building in some shelving around the new fireplace
  • adding some decorative columns to define the space
  • installing crown moulding and possibly board and batten treatment
  • painting and settling on art above the couch

Here’s my electronic idea book:


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  1. Beautiful. Color scheme fits yours. Very relaxing colors. Remember to keep the scale small with the sectional or you will recreate the same problem. World Market sells small scale furniture.

    When choosing a sectional, it’s also good, if possible, to choose one that allows shorter pieces to fit either end of the larger piece. Otherwise, you have only a fixed righthand, or lefthand, arrangement.

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation. 🙂

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