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It’s the little things in life….

I am blessed in ennumerable ways.  The house, the husband, the kids, the job.  Both parents alive and still married.  Money in the bank, health insurance, retirement savings, vacations.  Living in America (!) in a city where the weather is mostly perfect and I can grow my own food year-round.  I am thankful for all of these conditions…and I, regrettably, am not on my knees and thanking God for blessing me more than I deserve.  Maybe I should be writing more on this:  What if I woke up tomorrow and I was left only with the things I’d thanked God for the night before?

Aside from those big, important things, I have an ongoing list of  things that I’m thankful for…the little things that make my life a little more sweet.  Yes, they’re silly and maybe even indulgent, but I’m sure my list of happy things is not uncommon.  Here are a few:

The clothesline we just put up makes doing laundry a little more pleasant and contemplative.

Vision Needle pens by Uniroller. A good pen that fits your handwriting is such nice thing to find.

Ray Lamontagne. I could listen to him sing all day.  ❤

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri has almost eliminated my smudge meltdowns.

Stroopwafel. Dutch caramel wafer cookies. And they have them at Trader Joe’s.

The first night with fresh sheets. The sheets are smooth and perfectly tucked. I sleep so well that first night….

Benadryl: Takes away allergies, puts me to sleep, cures nausea.

Bath and Body Works Secret Wonderland. My new favorite fragrance.

Pho from V-House Pho & Grill. A Vietnamese restaurant is practically across the street from my house. Puts Chinese take-out to shame….we pick this stuff up at least once per month!

So there you have it….my list for tonight.  I do have about 100 other things I could add.  But I’m tired.  I want to sink into bed.


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  1. Beautiful, Haley, and beautiful Haley!

  2. I love my beautiful and talented niece very much! Would you consider running for President of the U.S., please?


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