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August: A Month in Review

August was an incredibly busy month in my world.  I’ve been unable to really post here this month because it was trouble right out the gate!

We started the remodel job in our living room.   We tore out an existing wall that held the fireplace, framed the new fireplace, did drywall work, added board and batten treatment, changed the electrical, painted, put up crown moulding, built some cabinetry, and laid some flooring in the bare spots.  We still have to finish the electrical, the trim, the partially built cabinets, touch-up the paint, get the new furniture, and style the room.

On the day DIY construction began, my dad had emergency surgery.  He’s fine now…but it was scary for a few days.  My brother and I became responsible for the special work projects that my dad was doing for our company.  My workload nearly doubled.  Did I mention school was out of session and I have three kids under 4 with one of my crucial babysitters (mom) taking care of my dad?  It was pretty hairy.

Thankfully, VBS started a few days later for two of the kids and I was able to hit the books hard for several mornings in a row and get on top of the work I was afraid I wouldn’t complete.  The kids loved VBS and really learned a lot that week about Jesus’ childhood.  I’m so thankful that there is a church very near our house that offers a program for young children in the summertime.

Once VBS ended, I was looking at 2 weeks of full-time childcare, a very messy construction project, a double workload, and some really hot days.  We made it work, though!  My dad came home from the hospital and is making a very good recovery, the kids adapted to the chaos, the house project has an end in sight, and I’ve adjusted to the increased workload.

I also started the lobby remodel job at one of the residential hotels we manage.  I designed and delegated the work thus far: new ceiling fans (with new electricity), stained the wood work, started painting the ceiling, and met with a furniture builder for the new front desk.  I’m really excited about how it’s going to turn out and I’ve received some really positive feedback from the residents, as well.

My big girl turned 5 this month.  Yes I cried.  She has grown so fast and is not slowing down no matter how many times a hope for a pause button.  We went to an indoor playground with a few friends and had a spaghetti dinner at my brother’s house with our whole family to celebrate.  She asked to have ears pierced, but we decided that it would be better to wait a few more years.  Instead, she picked out a beautiful blue fish that is named “Bluebell”.  It’s really sweet how well she takes care of and marvels at this little fish.  He’s a welcome new member of the family!

The most exciting thing on her birthday was the shout-out, birthday mission, and song request on the Absolutely Mindy Show on Kid’s Place Live (sattelite radio).  They said her name on the radio and told her she must complete the following birthday missions before she turns another year older: 1) get in a fight with a balloon and lose, 2) teach a baby to “fist bump”, 3) mail someone a piece of toast.  Weird.  Funny.  🙂  They also played her requested song, “Sweet Pea”.  It was a great day.

Well, we have packed the backpack and prepared all the school supplies for next Tuesday’s first day of Kindergarten and my sweet boy has already attended his first week of preschool.  I’m ready to get into a stable routine….something more predictable.  My friend and I have started a dinner swap and that has already been a huge help in planning for the week, time management, and money-saving.  We are hoping to add a few more people to our group (wouldn’t it be great to only have to cook once per week?!).  I’m looking forward to cooler weather, a finished living room, quiet time in the mornings to finish my work, one-on-one time with baby girl while other two are at school, and fun afternoons with them when they get home.

In the end, August gave me an ulcer (literally).  But I’m confident that September will bring calm and routine (and antacids).  Bring on the apples and homework, I’m ready!


Big girl is too big

As I write this, I am waiting in the hallway of the school we plan to send our oldest to in the Fall. On here, I call her my big girl because, compared to the other two, she is big. But sitting here, in the elementary school hall, I feel a little like she is too young for this…we can’t be here yet….she’s my baby….kindergarten?….wait a minute, we just brought her home from the hospital LAST WEEK!

I am trying my best to carry on with this decision….the one that lets her grow up (the one I don’t actually get to make), but there is a tiny (ok, not tiny at all…HUGE) part of me that wants her to be little forever.
I want her to keep calling animals “aminals” and to think everything is magical and that Mommy and Daddy are her favorite people in the whole wide world.

Yet, I swell with pride when I look at the progression of her drawing, when I hear her sound out the words on the packages in our kitchen, when she tells me that the opposite of East is West and points in the right direction. Those things tell me that, without a doubt, she is ready for kindergarten. She is not a baby anymore…but a blooming little girl, stretching up high, and eager to be able to know and do more.

I’ll be fine.


Goodnight Lovies with my Babies

Big Girl: “I love you more than a bunny rabbit”

Sweet Boy: “I love you more than a tiger”

Me: “I love you more than the stars in the sky”

Big Girl: “I love you more than the gicantis moon”

Sweet Boy: “I love you more than the huge, gicantis moon”

Me: “I love you more than the tallest mountain”

Big Girl: “I love you more than rainbows”

Sweet Boy: “I love you more than bicycle”

Me: “I love you more than the deep, blue sea”

Big girl: “I love you more than soap-y”

Sweet boy: “I love you more than waler” (=water)

Then, everyone said “Goodnight”

About my babies….

My oldest:
  • she’s 4 (almost 5, as I was so sadly reminded today when she came home with a birthday crown from the un-birthday party at school for all the kids with summer birthdays).
  • she loves to read and color and write letters. diligently.
  • she is very confident: she calls herself a genius, the fastest runner in the world, the best artist in the world, and everyone likes her (I do not feed this…it grows on its own!)
  • she is precocious in ways I never would have predicted….”when I’m a mommy, I’m going to let my kids eat whatever they want and they will be healthy and can watch as many Backyardigans as they want,” or “Mommy, I don’t want to do my homework anymore. This yellow crayon is ri-dic-li-ous.” Etc., etc.
  • she is affectionate and loving and is happy to spend the whole day by my side.
  • she is giving and gentle and nurturing.
  • I love her with all of my heart…my feelings for her burst at the seams
My boy:
  • he’s 2 (but talks like he’s 3 1/2 because he’s been chattered to constantly by his big sister since the day he was born).
  • he’s friendly…the kind of kid who says hello to everyone we pass.
  • he loves to play with tools….forget the balls and sports….give this boy a drill and a scrap piece of drywall and it’s as if you’ve given him an ice cream truck!
  • he used to carry matchbox cars in his pockets, then it was legos, now it’s pennies.
  • he will go along with almost any game his big sister decides they will play.
  • he wakes me up every morning and says “I love you soooo much” and before he goes to bed he says “I gotta kiss you”… he has always given the best hugs
  • I cherish this boy with everything in me.
My baby girl:
  • she just turned 1 in April (she does not walk yet…thank goodness!).
  • she’s silly and loves to be the center of attention. (when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her, the expression of joy on her face was totally contagious)
  • she has the most beautiful, sparkling, blue eyes….they melt me.
  • she is such a happy child, content to watch all the activity around her.
  • she says: mama, dada, diaper, nose, eyes, teeth, ear, pretty, uh-oh, dog, hi, hello, bye-bye, phone, etc. (do you really want to know her whole vocab?)
  • she’s fiesty and doesn’t let anyone mess with her. (I’m glad she can hold her own!)
  • I love her so much that I ache when she’s not with me.

Kid Activity Ideas

Here are some fun things I’m thinking of trying out with the kids this summer:

Family Guess Who 



Sprinkler Fun

Treasure Hunts

I don't know what to call this, but it looks fun:

Please share any more fun ideas you have!